Frequently asked questions


Can any other balls be used with the PlayBall?

Yes. Any balls that are the same size and weight of the ones provided may be used.
Balls are 40 mm in diameter

Can the launch distances be changed?

Yes. There are 3 distances that can be set. To change the distance of the ball launcher, press the button located on the top of the launcher. -The top light on the launcher will indicate Far distance. -The middle light indicats the Mid distance. -The bottom light indicats the Near distance.

Does the launcher get plugged in or does it run on batteries?

The launcher can either be plugged in or runs on 6 "C" sized batteries.

How do I clean the interior of th feeding chute if it gets dirty?

Your dog's salavia or bits and pieces stuck to the ball may cause the interior of the feeding chute to become dirty. You may use a small cleaning cloth to wipe and clean the inside of the feeding chute or exit chute.

Why is the travel distance of the ball so short when it shoots out of the machine?

Two reasons may cause this occur: 1. The batteries may be running low and need to be replaced. 2. The surface outdoors may be uneven and the machine needs to be placed on a flat surface.

If I find something inside the machine that is preventing it from working properly, how can I get it out?

Step 1: Turn off the power and do not put a ball into the machine. Step 2: Try to remove the foreign item from the feeding chute Step 3: Or, move the froreign item to end of the exit chute and remove the item with tongs (Warning: Using hard items other than the Playball specific balls or small tennis balls similar size and texture may cause the machine to malfunction.)

If I put a ball into the Playball before I've started up the machine, how do I get it out?

Step 1: Gently shake the Playball and move the ball towards the end of the exit chute. Step 2: Place the Playball flat on the ground and turn the power on Step 3: Tilt the Playball slightly upwards so that the exit chute points at an upward angle, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to start up the machine. Step 4: Once the machine turns on, lower the Playball back onto the ground or tilt the exit chute so that it is at a downright angle, to allow the ball to shoot out from the machine.

How do I make sure that my machine will work properly?

1: Use Playball specific balls, and make sure you can replace them when the ball is danaged or has been through too much wear and tear. 2: Avoid using balls that are too hard or ones that have dimensions that are inconsistent from the Playball specific balls. 3: Balls that are too large or too hard may inhibit the machine from being able to properly fire the ball and cause the machine to malfunction. 4: When your dog is not playing with the machine, put it away to prevent things from falling into and blocking the chute. 5: We reccomned using the adapter with the Playball so that the distance of the ball does not decrease if the battery life runs low.

Why does my Playball keep on jamming?

You may only place one ball in the launcher at a time. Placing more than one ball at a time will jam the Playball launcher.