Frequently asked questions


How often should the DrinkSmart’s water be changed?

To ensure the purity of the water and extend the life of your DrinkSmart Fountain it is recommended to change the water every 5 days.

How often should the DrinkSmart’s filter be changed?

The DrinkSmart’s filter be changed every month

How often should the DrinkSmart's water pump be deep cleaned?

The DrinkSmart's water pump be deep cleaned every 2 months.

Where should the foam be placed? What is it for?

The foam needs to be placed in front of the submersible pump to protect the pump when the flowing water runs through.

Can I pour warm water into the DrinkSmart Fountain?


After a period, why is the water flow of my fountain slow?

Two reasons may cause this occur: 1. The silicone pipe is not placed properly and tightly! 2. The foam or the pump’s screen can get crusted after a period of usage.

Can you adjust the water flow speed on the DrinkSmart Pet Fountain?

The water flow rate is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

Can the fountain be set to work at a specific time?

Yes. You can set a working period on the DrinkSmart app.

Why did I encounter failure when setting up my fountain to my Wi-Fi?

  1. The fountain, Wi-Fi router, and the smartphone are too far from each other during the process of set-up. Please make sure they are at a distance of 1-2 meter from each other.
  2. Your Wi-Fi is dual-band of 2.4G/5G. Currently, our fountain only works with 2.4G.

How Do I connect the DrinkSmart to the App?

  1. Ensure the Wi-Fi LED indicator is blinking fast indicating the fountain is ready to be connected. If this does not occur press the ‘reset’ button in with in a pin until it begins to blink rapidly.
  2. Tap the + to add a new device
  3. Ensure that the Mobile phone, fountain and router are within a distance of One meter
  4. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is 2.4G as the DrinkSmart does not support 5G.
  5. Join the Wi-Fi
  6. Your DrinkSmart fountain should now be connected to your account

Can multiple people log in to manage the DrinkSmart?

As long as you use the same APP account with your family, you can log in at the same time and monitor the water dispenser information together (Android binds the water dispenser, IOS can also control and set, provided that the same account must be used)

Can I use other USB Cables?

Yes. A 5V Micro USB cable will suit.

Which Voltage is the DrinkSmart Compatible with?

The included adaptor can work on both 110v / 240v, its input voltage range is 100-240v. The fountain works on 5v / 1a DC power only.

Which accessories need to be replaced regularly?

The filter, foam, and screen are accessories which need to be replaced regularly.

Can the DrinkSmart be used without Wi-Fi?

Yes. But functions will be limited on the App.

What is the Wi-Fi range?

The DrinkSmart has a Wi-Fi range of 30m

What should I do if the DrinkSmart failed to join my router?

Please long press the reset button for 10s, wait until the LED blinks rapidly to restore into factory settings and try again.

I cannot sign into the DrinkSmart App with my Facebook account?

Uninstall and reinstall the App.