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Prefilled Disposable Cat Litter Trays

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Are you tired of having to deal with the pain of the whole cat litter system? Does your cat litter make a mess in your house that you don't like? Would you like an alternative to washing out your cat litter pan all the time? Well, boy do we have a solution for you!

FELIX AND FIDO offers you our disposable cat litter box that comes PRE FILLED with 100% recycled paper litter! All you need to do is simply peel off the perforated lid, set the tray down, and allow your cat to use as you would your existing litter tray. After using the tray for about a week, simply take it and throw it in the RECYCLING- TRAY AND ALL!

The tray and the litter are all made from 100% recyclable materials making this super eco friendly litter as well! We make cat litter disposal easy and convenient! Our paper litter has many advantages:

They are 100% chemical free, highly absorbent, provide excellent odor control and low tracking issues. It's super annoying when cats track litter all over the floor! With our litter, the specially formulated pellets reduce tracking and will not mark floors! They also have less likelihood of adhering to cat's paws making this a low maintenance product! Odor is minimized as well through our unique pore action which absorbs any liquids rapidly deep inside the paper fibers. This allows for minimal pooling of urine at the bottom of the tray making the whole system more hygienic for your cat and for you too!

We recommend using each tray for 1 week per cat (depending on your cat though it can be more or less)- this order comes with 5 trays, giving you over a month's supply for a great low price! So, what are you waiting for?

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