Frequently asked questions


Which surfaces can the Playdot be used on?

The Playdot is suitable for varied enviorments. 1. Place the Playdot on the ground and play near the wall. 2. Place the Playdot on a table and tilt the laser to play on the ground. 3. Switch the Playdot to hand-held mode and free play manually.

Can the play area be increased?

Yes. By moving the Playdot further from the playarea the play area will be increased.

How do I change the speed of the laser?

Switch the following modes by pressing the button located on the top. 1. Slow Speed Mode 2. Fast Speed Mode 3. Advanced Mode 4. Hand-Held Mode

Why does my Playdot turn off automatically?

All modes work with automatic shutdown function. Playdot will automatically be turned off 30 min after the last time the button is pressed.

How is the Playdot powered?

The Playdot runs on 3 "AA" batteries. (not included with the Playdot)