Frequently asked questions


How do I start up my Petbot device?

Press the power Button under the Felix & Fido Pet Robot. The power indicator light will flash for 30 seconds then greet you with a jingle upon startup. You may now begin connecting your Petbot.

How do I use my PetBot?

How Do I connect my devices?

1. After creating an account press the pairing button to enter the Pairing Options page. (to ensure a smooth connection, please pair the device five minutes after the power button is turned on.) 2. Connect the device using the Scanning or Bluetooth Options. If connecting via Bluetooth, make sure the Bluetooth function on your device is enabled. 3. Click the power button on the bottom of your Pet Robot to automatically transfer the device number and access code to your app. 4. If the device will not connect automatically, press the Power Button once and the root will announce device number. After a few seconds the information should fill itself automatically. 5. Click PAIRING. 6. The app will bring up a PAIRING SUCCSESSFUL! screen when the app is paired. 7. Click the I KNOW button. The app will return you to the device home page.

When the device is successfully connected the app will open the main Device page. During this time, please connect your WIFI.

How do I connect my Petbot to Wifi?

1. Press the Setting button on the right and choose the Wifi option set up. 2. Choose the Bluetooth option to set up Wifi. 3. Search for the available WIFI name and enter too Wifi password. 4. Press the CONFIRM button to complete the set up. You will hear the voice prompt of "Configuring Network" indicating that voice is connectd. 5. When succsessfully connected to the Wifi, the PetBot will give a voice prompt of "SUCCESSFUL1" and reboot automatically. You are now ready to interact with your pet using your PetBot!